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What if all your dreams could come true?

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"Recovery is a one-time milestone, not a life-long battle. You are welcome to attend meetings or therapy the rest of your life if that is what you prefer, but I choose to live my life sober instead. Once you use mental science principles to change your inner self, there is no more struggle, no more conflict, no more cravings. Learn the secret to true change, and that is using metaphysical laws of the mind."

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Filling the Hole       

​Sobriety & Success Through Mental Science & Spiritual Law

Curing alcoholism and drug addiction from within

​Paperback or Kindle

-Thorne Ivy

​Paperback or Kindle

"The Law of Attraction is not reserved for millionaires, pro-athletes, and super-achievers. It is a universal metaphysical law used in mental science for healing, transformation, and any goal manifestation, including curing addiction and restoring health."

- Thorne Ivy

The new book  

​  by Thorne Ivy


From the Prologue...
"Almost thirty years of my life were undermined by alcohol addiction and I tried everything to quit including cognitive therapy, medications, counseling, residential rehab programs, detox centers, and hundreds of AA meetings—with absolutely no long-lasting success.
     It wasn’t long ago that I hit rock bottom. A typical evening would find me finishing my twenty-fourth beer for the day, lying on the sofa watching ESPN, and getting ready to order a large meat-lover’s pizza for delivery. I was fifty pounds’ overweight, broke, unemployed, miserable, and obviously inebriated. Not only was I depressed, but deep inside manifested an emotional-spiritual hole. I was physically sick, mentally inert and spiritually dead, yet at the same time I was perversely content. I was having a destructive love affair with booze, and was committed and loyal.
    Fast forward a few months later and I was a new person living a new reality. I was fifty pounds lighter, clean and sober, had a great career, and was excited about life again. Most amazingly, that empty hole inside was healed and filled. Now in my second year of sobriety, my health and success story just gets better and better each day.
    What happened, you ask? After all, I tried to quit countless times before. What did I do differently this time? What I did, was learn the secret Law of Attraction and the mental-spiritual laws that govern all healing, transformation, and goal manifestation. These not only cured my addiction and desire to ever drink alcohol again, they taught me how to attain other goals in life too.
    This book is not about religion; it’s not about psychology; and it’s not about going to therapy or support meetings every day.  This book is about using powerful metaphysical secrets of mental science and spiritual laws that will abolish the condition we call addiction permanently. You will learn that recovery is a one-time milestone, and not a lifelong struggle. With mental science practices, you quit once, and move on to your next goal in life. You were not brought into this life to be a victim of addiction so that you could be in recovery your whole life. You are here to express life, grow, and achieve. Those who live a life “in-recovery”, choose to hold-on and fight their addiction, rather than to simply overcome it.
    This book is not a life story about me or my journey, but is a course study of the principles and practices of mental science and spiritual law. The knowledge that empowered me to triumph over addiction, fill the inner hole, and achieve success can do the same for you."