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- Thorne Ivy

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"Sobriety and recovery should not be an ongoing struggles involving lifelong therapy or meetings. Recovery is a milestone you complete once-and-for-all, permanently. Once you correct the discordant inner metaphysical state and restore the emotional body, you have removed the pain, and thus the need for drugs and alcohol ever again. You are free forever."  

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`"On a metaphysical level, humankind is a vibrational energy being. When we trap and bury emotional trauma, stress, or conflict inside ourselves, it manifests as a negative vibrational state, and is felt as inner pain, or a hole inside. We drink or drug to anesthetize the pain.

By using mental science and spiritual law principles and practices, we can fill the hole, reprogram our minds, and restore our vibrational frequency to achieve a new goal self-image of health and sobriety.

There is no physical disease in addiction, it is all purely a mental-spiritual state that can be corrected from the inside."

Filling the Hole       

​Sobriety & Success Through Mental Science & Spiritual Law

Curing alcoholism and drug addiction from within

​Paperback or Kindle

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Thorne Ivy received his Bachelor’s of Science in Business and now practices in the field of real estate. Originally from New York, Ivy now resides in central Florida where he enjoys running, sports, meditation, the beach, and writing.  This is Ivy’s first book. He currently is working on his second book entitled "Quantum Athlete" revolving around sports achievement using these same mental science and spiritual law principles. The release date for Quantum Athlete is the spring of 2018.

- Thorne Ivy

Years struggling with alcohol addiction, this author finally discovered recovery was not in meetings or therapy, but was within himself using sacred metaphysical mental science. Now, he shares his wisdom with others in this powerful new book.


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 - "Definitely one of the most novel approaches to curing addiction I have read. I don’t know of any other program in existence today that uses such new age concepts.” -- John R., Colo.,  Therapist, Reviewer
 - “It really does work, it's truly mind over body.The concept of drinking or drugging just does not fit the new belief system you learn with this book.” --Anthony L., Milwaukee, beta reader
 -“I read the book “The Secret”, and  "Filling the Hole" is more like he said " Law of Attraction on steroids"…” --Lillian G., Illinois, beta reader
 -“It was nice for someone to finally take the personality of “God” out of the equation and make spirit a science like it really is. It's not like the way they think in AA. It's not about God or religion.  Like the book says,       science does not dictate if you are    good or bad, moral or immoral…” --Nancy K., Long Island, reviewer
 -“If you can read and understand this book, you’ll never want to drink or drug again…it just won’t make sense to do so anymore. Your whole belief system will change, it's pretty mind-  blowing" --Kevin J., New York, beta reader
 -The old timers have their AA Big Book, now we millenniums have "Filling the Hole". It's about time things evolved. Mind and consciousness are mainstream”  --Tom R., Orlando, beta  reader